Dog Walking Service

Are you looking for a local and friendly dog walker who treats all dogs as if they were her own? Well, you have come to the right place! I offer a fully insured 7 day a week dog walking service. If you don’t have time to give your dog the exercise it needs every day, then let me do it for you.

I like dogs, well that’s a lie. I LOVE dogs. In fact, I feel it’s important to allow all dogs the freedom to play and use up their energy wherever possible, and this is where I come in. In our modern lives it is often difficult to get our little pups out quite as often as we (and they!) would like. I can support you with my dog walking service in providing the exercise that they need and love. My rates are very reasonable.

How my dog walking service works

The first meet

A happy dog after a dog walking session in Redruth, CornwallUpon being contacted by you we can arrange a mutually convenient time for me to come and see you and your dog. You are not under any obligation to use my services at this point, this meeting is to ensure that you and your dog are both happy with me. If you are, then we can fill out the registration paperwork. This allows me to find out exactly what sort of walks your dog will like, on or off lead, in a group with others, or a solo walk as well as many other things important to the care, preferences and well-being of your dog. This is the document which I will refer back to regularly to make sure that I’m doing everything as you and your dog would like it.

The Walk

On our first walk, I will come and collect your dog on the agreed day and time. If you wish me to hold keys so that I can collect your dog whilst you are away or at work, then this is fine. I keep all keys locked away, and are non identifiable. This said, if your key is lost whilst in my possession, I have insurance cover that will replace the locks in your property. I have yet to lose any keys, but the peace of mind is there.

Depending on where I’m going to walk your dog, he may travel in the Lucky Pups van to our destination. Again this is fully insured, and has a rear heated/ventilated area to ensure the comfort of your dog. I try and mix up the walks as much as possible, so I am not boring both myself, and your dog with the same old walks! Luckily we live in a lovely area of country that affords us a wide variety of great walks. It is worth noting that the travel time is not included in your dog’s agreed walk time. The actual walk time only starts the minute your dog is out of the van. How long I walk your dog is entirely up to you, I have set prices for different length walks.

During the walk I ensure that all dogs in my care have a great time and are thoroughly mentally stimulated. I have a variety of toys that the dogs love to play with. Once your dog has been walked he will be dried off (in case of heavy Cornish mizzle or rain), put back in the comfortable Lucky Pups van and then driven back home. Once home, I will ensure that your dog is happy, and comfortable, his water filled, and any food put down should you require it. Your house will be securely locked and I will be on my way until the next walk.


I bill at the end of the week and appreciate the invoices paid within 7 days of issue. The invoice will include all walks taken that week. This can be paid over the phone via debit/credit card or cash/cheque left out when I come to walk your dog next.


Once you have been registered, walks can be booked in one of three ways. Either by phone (07856 812574), email ( or via our online system. The online system allows you to book, cancel, and generally manage your walk bookings via web or Apple/Android apps. Please see more information on the “Your Account” link on the menu to the left.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me:

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